Our Owners

AlAlaysius Neely
Al Neely is one of the Owners of License to Kill, Inc. Al originally came from Philadelphia, PA in 1984 to attend Norfolk State University where he studied business and pre-law. In 1994, he began working with Terminix of Virginia Beach where in 1995; Mr. Neely was a home inspector. In 1996, he became the pest control sales supervisor in Newport News. In 1997, he became the sales supervisor in Norfolk and in 1998-1999 he was the branch sales manager with Terminix of Portsmouth. Mr. Neely also served as the company trainer at the headquarters at Spring Hope, NC. From 2000-2010 Mr. Neely was the owner of Final Solutions and A.P. Termite and Pest Control. In 2009 he began extensive spider control training in Richmond, VA. Mr. Neely received his registered technician’s license in 1994. In 1996, he became certified in General Pest Control (7A). In 1998 he became certified in Wood Destroying Pest Control (7B). In 2000, he received his Commercial Applicator License. In 2011, Mr. Neely received his certification with the Virginia Pest Management Association as a Wood Destroying Insect Inspector as well as his Public Health Pest Control certification (Category 8). In 2012 he received his certification for Vertebrate Pest Control (7D).
CharyCharylane Chavez Neely
Ms. Chary is one of the Killer Owners of License to Kill, Inc. Ms. Chary has resided in Virginia Beach since 1982 when her father was transferred to Hampton Roads through his duty in the United States Navy. Ms. Chary was born in to a hard working Filipino family, where she was instilled with a “do the job right the first time” work ethic. Ms. Chary graduated from Green Run High School and Tidewater Community College and has been self-employed for twenty years. She served on the board of the Tidewater Pest Control Association on the Board of Directors for a number of years.