Because Skeletons

Happy October, Everyone!
There are times when we receive a phone call regarding someone’s crawl space. With Hurricane Matthew flooding out many unsuspecting homes on top of the other heavy rain we have experienced in our area of Hampton Roads for the past year, it is wise to have a professional company inspect your crawl space. A crawl space that holds too much moisture can cause issues with mold, fungus, and wood destroying fungus not to mention the pests such as termites that this would attract.

Another reason to have your crawl space evaluated often is that rodents can gain access your crawl space by prying open, scratching, and clawing their way in. Rodents can cause destruction to your HVAC, Insulation, as well as attract snakes.

The following photos are from our Intrepid Inspector, Al Neely. He was performing an inspection on a customer’s home who had not had their crawl space evaluated in many years. Call License to Kill, Inc. for your evaluation today at 757-233-0110 and we’ll help you with those Skeletons just in time for Halloween 🙂

skeleton4 skeleton3 skeleton1 skeleton2

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