Ant prevention Part 1

During warm, moist times of the year, ants emerge in a manner reminiscent of Biblical Plague proportions. We receive phone calls and emails from folks: “it’s EXPLODED. We’ve got to take drastic measures even if it’s … planting a nuclear waste chemical!!! I can’t live like this!!!”

It may seem dramatic, but for those of us who have left one tiny crumb on the kitchen counter, this is all too real. There are homes, however, that have had the misfortune of being built on an ant hill. Really. It’s a thing.

Colonies of ants live in multiple structures underground that can span several miles. These super colonies have several queens and workers. Ants can also live under roof lines and under the siding of your home.

Watch this video: click here.

Wow, right? All the way up there?

Water, food, and shelter are all ants need and everything we provide at our homes and businesses.

So what now? I know, I’ve just told you all the stuff you already know. What can be done? Part of the battle is ours as homeowners. Here is your “Honey Do” list:

1) Clean!

– sweep floors and vacuum: you are looking to pick up food crumbs and etc.

-take a bucket of hot soapy water and wipe down counters, stove tops and tables and etc

-wash your dishes and get rid of food particles in the sink. Put food in sealed containers (in the refrigerator is best).

– clean your gutters! Make sure that water flows easily through the gutters.

-rake up leaves and cut back bushes so that they are not touching your house

– take care of areas around your home that water pools

– add extensions to the downspouts of your gutters to ensure water is directed away from your home

2) Seal!

– take a caulking gun and caulk around cracks, wall voids, openings between your backsplash and counter tops etc.

– seal around pipes that lead into the home such as the Air Conditioning unit, pipes under sinks and seal around windows and baseboards as well.

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