Squirrels Nests, Rats, Mice- it’s a mess, oh my!

 wp_20160918_10_27_08_proThis is a close up of the squirrel nest after the siding and trim were removed.
A Customer called us because they could hear the squirrels in their attic.



Here is another picture of the Squirrel’s Nest




You can see how fairly large this nest had gotten to be




wp_20160927_18_04_41_pro wp_20160927_18_04_55_pro


These are the “After” shots once the nest had been cleaned out.
Traps were set and whatever was sealed into the attic space would be trapped.


wp_20160927_18_33_13_pro wp_20160927_18_33_18_pro

Here is the squirrel. What a cutie, but what a destructive little thing!
This squirrel was released in an area that had more trees than homes!
Happy Trails, Squirrel and Happy Days for our Customer.

Rodents (squirrels, rats, and mice) are a year-round pest, however, as the days get shorter and cooler they are more than likely to seek shelter Attics, crawl spaces, garages, sheds are all easy places for rodents to access. License to Kill, Inc. provides a comprehensive protection plan.
1) We seal out the entry points
2) We clean out and sanitize the spaces
3) We place our specially designed traps to capture rats and other rodents
4) We check these traps until we are satisfied we have captured anything trapped in the                     home.
5) We provide a warranty that is renewable for years to come for added continual protection.


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